oystercatcher flypast

The House

The house has been renovated sensitively by the owners, using natural materials and soft lime renders, wooden floors have been sealed using beeswax and linseed oil giving the house a very “organic” feel. Upstairs, there are tantalising glimpses of the sea through the roofs of neighbouring houses and sound of the surf is ever present.


This year we are offering an exclusive B&B service from one night to infinity and beyond (well maybe not quite). We like to think we are intelligent kindly hosts, who enjoy sharing our warm and friendly home.  Come and see if we are right! (and in case you are wondering "why a picture of a sparrow, they've been visiting for years)

Getting Here

The house is as far west as France goes - the local name for the presq'ile is “bout du monde” - “the end of the world”, The departement name, Finistère, means the same thing in latin. Being at the "end of the earth" means getting here can be "Un peu compliqué". This is a handy guide to all the best routes here, complete with links