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Ty Nevez is a 6 person stone built “penty in the Presq'ile De Crozon, the middle of Finistere's three western "fingers". It nestles in the village of Le Veniec, about 5 kilometers east of Crozon-Morgat overlooking the Bay of Dournenez. It's 500 metres from the beautiful plage des sources and 800 yards from the Ile d'Aber, the River and the Plage and Dunes d'Aber

The Crozon peninsula is renowned for it's coastscape, wildlife and history. It’s a perfect location for walkers, close to the GR34 costal path and an ideal spot for a family holiday.  On our doorstep we have safe and quiet beaches with lots of scope for adventure. There are rock pools, caves and an island complete with Napoleonic fort to explore. Nowhere is far away on the presq'ile. It's just a short drive or cycle ride to some of France's outstanding coast line, a rich naval history markets, bars and cafes.



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